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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Easter clothes

My 2 younger kids got their clothes together for church tomorrow. Lia wants to look like an Easter egg and chose some peacock green pants a friend picked up in Thailand, a fuzzy, purple vest and a pink t-shirt. The t-shirt has a skull and 2 guitars on it. Ian chose jeans and an Avengers t-shirt. I have the feeling proximity had something to do with his decision. I would love it if they would  wear something a little more "churchy" and "Eastery" especially since it's our first Easter at this church. Part of me would really like to send them back into the black holes they call bedrooms and have them come out with Dress Clothes. But, Avengers and Rock n' Roll t-shirts are what my kids wear. Ian is a bit of a gamer geek and Lia is a bit of a punk. Did I mention Lia's hair matches their pants? That's who they are and one of the ways they express themselves at this moment in their lives. Who am I to tell them they must change or at the very least, put up a false front for people we barely know? If my kids have to dress a certain way to be accepted at a church, I don't want anything to do with that church.  This hit me as I was putting their clothes into the wash and getting ready to go on a quest for "better" clothes. I felt the need to share this with them and did so immediately. They actually paused their YouTube video to listen to me.