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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Velveeta Fudge

  Sounds like the weird name of a band but it's a real thing. We were at a friend's birthday party and I mentioned that I didn't like Velveeta cheese. Actually what I said was, "Velveeta's disgusting" and my husband replied, "'s in fudge", and then he opened the can of worms that is Telling People I Use a Pound of Velveeta to Make Fudge. There it is. Now you know my dirty little secret. No marshmallow fluff, burning stuff in double boilers or accidentally spraying the pan with garlic flavored cooking spray (cough, cough *my aunt* cough, cough) for this girl. This concoction of gooey goodness is almost (ALMOST)  fail proof. Since there was some suspicion that I just drew the recipe out of thin air, I feel compelled to share it here. Because I got this big on Slim-Fast and Diet Coke. My mom used to make this every Christmas as part of her bake-a-thon that her friends looked forward to all year.
                       Velveeta fudge
 1 pound butter or margarine (4 sticks)
 1 pound Velveeta
 1 cup of cocoa
 4  one pound boxes of powdered sugar (or however you want to get it up to 4 lbs of powdered sugar)

 1) grease a 9x13 baking pan
 2) sift sugar and cocoa into a large container
 3) cube butter and cheese and melt slowly in microwave, stirring frequently
  4) add melted butter/ cheese mixture to sugar/ cocoa
  5) grease your hands and start mixing
  6) when thoroughly combined, pour mixture into greased pan, pat down evenly and refrigerate. 
  7) wait until everyone has eaten some before you tell them it's made with cheese and enjoy the looks on their faces. (make sure they're not allergic to dairy first!)
  8) Don't think about calories
 Remember when I said it was ALMOST fail proof? Yeah. Be careful when melting that you don't scorch the butter cheese mixture. Not that I've ever done that. Also, if you use margarine, don't use low fat margarine or Velveeta. It leaves a weird oily layer on top. Not that I've ever done THAT, either. And really, you're using a pound of each and 4 lbs of sugar. Is saving 2 grams of fat going to make that much difference? Go for a walk and skip dessert tomorrow. <3

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